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So You Want to Be a Cop to be available Internationally and in the UK!

So You Want to Be a Cop: What Everyone Should Know Before Entering a Law Enforcement Career by veteran police officer and published police/crime author, Alley Evola, will be available internationally and in the U.K. through Rowman & Littlefield International. A tentative release date for the book has been set for July 2017.

This book is for every adult who secretly wishes they were a police officer or is pursuing that dream and making it a reality. So You Want to Be a Cop looks at the daily ins and outs of the job of a police officer, from recruitment, life at the academy, patrol, and eventually promotion to either a supervisory or specialized role.

Learn more about the book, the author and opportunities for scheduling book signings, speaking engagements and media interviews at the author's website,

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