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So You Want To Be a Cop


Many children, from the time they are old enough to be attracted to a siren and flashing lights, dream their whole lives of becoming a police officer. As a retired police officer, herself, Alley Evola looks at the daily ins and outs of the job of a police officer. From recruitment, life at the academy, patrol and eventually promotion, she provides a helpful understanding of what you can really expect. She also looks at the current issues, including race and gender, and how these have shaped certain expectations from the public that a police officer needs to be prepared for when working in this field.

Evola gives readers a thrilling insider’s look at the often-glorified job of an American cop. Opening on an action-packed scene that could be taken straight out of a Michael Bay movie, her first book is an immersing read for anyone curious about the world of law enforcement, and should be required reading for those considering a career in the field. Evola’s no-nonsense voice is powerful, witty, and engaging. She doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges of the profession, or the effects it has on an officer’s personal life, health, and sanity. She tells plenty of the funny, tragic, and poignant 'war stories' one could expect from a veteran police officer, but makes it clear the job is not for the faint of heart, or a commitment to be taken lightly. The services of a police officer are often rendered at great personal cost, in a dangerous environment, to a thankless community. Though at times she writes with due anger toward the profession that compromised her life, it’s clear Evola’s still passionate about her time behind the 'blue curtain.'


American Blue


Alley Evola is one of only fifty authors whose true story was selected to appear in American Blue, an anthology edited by legendary lawman, Ed Nowicki.


Alley Evola's, "A Simple Warrant Service," will make you "laugh, cry, get mad, and be sad.  The one thing you won’t be is bored.  That describes what you’ll feel while reading her story.  And it describes what a cop lives every day on the beat.  You’ll soon discover why some consider the choice to be a cop, a calling."

Ed Nowicki, who earned his spurs on the streets of Chicago, captures the reality about what police officers face everyday on the streets.  After reading American Blue, you will have a new respect for the men and women who pin a badge on their chest and a gun on their hip and go out and protect our families.

Phil Cline, Superintendent (ret.) Chicago Police Department

Ravenous All-Knowing Bitch and Other Love Poems


Ravenous All-Knowing Bitch and Other Love Poems is the first collection of edgy, free verse from author and poet Alley Evola. From crazed thoughts to observations on love, nature, suicide, and death, this collection lays bare the skin and exposes the reader to the poet’s turbulent underside. This is a no-holds barred look into the naked mind and sole of the human experience.

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